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City Gas Distribution

It is a vast array of services which encompasses a gamut of processes and procedures to support the implementation of the projects. It is important to understand the role and the regulation of the heading before moving on to the detailed aspects of the service. Several private players are now endeavoring into the network and distribution of domestic PNG for households, industrial and commercial natural gas.

Rudra Gas Enterprise is one of the upcoming and leading names in the industry. With a strong technical knowledge base and efficient team, we are equipped to deliver best results within stipulated time. We tirelessly cater to the installation requirements of the gas distributing companies, helping them fulfill domestic and industrial needs by providing accurate piping solutions and maintaining optimum quality standards.

This precession is attained with the help of technical procedures like Underground MDPE Pipeline Laying, HDD i.e. Horizontal Directional Drilling and domestic, commercial and Industrial G.I. pipeline installations.



PNG domestic connection

PNG or Piped Natural Gas is a seamless substitute of LPG in domestic kitchen. More and more households are turning to avail PNG connection to avoid the hassles of booking, receiving and storing

issues of LPG cylinders.

Rudra Gas Enterprise partners with suppliers of PNG and several other distributing agencies to help transport this alternate fuel from its source to the consumer.

We deploy our workforce and our skilled manpower to lay pipeline from the supplier source by conducting survey to design and develop the distribution network. The functionalities involve several layers of operations, which includes acquiring permissions from concerned authorities, laying pipes, vertical piping to provide connectivity to end users, fitting and testing of GI/Copper pipe and meter, conversion of LPG stove to PNG and activation of gas connection.


Commercial natural gas connection

Commercial setups like hotels, restaurants, Farsan shops, hospitals, corporate offices as well as canteens and pantries are included under the this category. More and more of these commercial places are

resorting to natural gas for feasibility and efficiency.

Uninterrupted supply, convenient and hassle free source of fuel with no requirement of storage attracts more and more consumers to natural gas options.

At Rudra Gas Enterprise, we build the much needed bridge to make natural gas available to such organizations. Our spectrum of operations would begin from checking of the feasibility to acquiring permissions from relevant civic authorities and end only when after conversion of the LPG stove to the Commercial NG connection.


Industrial Natural gas connection

Natural gas has become the preferred fuel for various industrial applications as it is environment friendly, easy to handle, reliable and requires zero storage space. Industries need large quantities of gas

for heating and cooling purposes depending on their individual businesses.

For Distributors

Rudra Gas enterprise lays and installs pipeline of different types and sizes through open trenching, boring, as well as wall mount installation method along with fittings as per standard procedures. Pipes and fittings are externally inspected for quality as per standards. Damaged pipe and fittings are marked, removed, replaced and reported.

For Consumers

Apart from the external piping solutions, we also provide internal piping solution with designing, installation, burner designing, check meter installation etc services on behalf of the consumer and make the piped gas completely available for use. In the Industrial Gas Distribution Network both the supplying agency and the consumers are likely to be a part our clientele.


Operation & Maintenance of Gas Pipeline Network

Another very important aspect of the Natural Gas Pipeline network is its continuous operations and maintenance. The pipelines that are laid to distribute the Natural Gas from the source to the consumer are

highly inflammable; it therefore becomes utmost important for the contractors to have specialized  team to take all necessary steps to follow the industry specific norms of safety while implementing the same. Even after the installation has been successfully done, the pipelines that are placed under the layers of soil are likely to undergo several risks of leakage due to rat bite, third party damage or any other damage. To avoid this we have our team dedicated to inspect, identify and rectify all such damages across the stretch of the installation.

Our crew is constantly on their toes to ascertain the safety of all those personnel working on the operations and also taking precautions to protect the surrounding areas that might get influenced as a result of any damage to the installed lines. The maintenance team is highly skilled to perform their job 24 x 7 x 365 days and complies with all the government and safety standards on a daily basis. We provide them with continuous and regular training on Health, Safety and Environment.

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