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The city is covered with lights and the absence of electricity is unlikely for us to imagine. Our lives, to the maximum limit possible, are dependent on the presence of electricity for survival. We are ruled by its continuous supply both for domestic and industrial purpose.

The work of Illuminating a society or an industry starts from where the cabling is done underground up to the point of illumination.

Rudra Gas Enterprise apart from its core function of Telecommunication and City Gas Distribution Services, it also deals with the most complex contracts like laying of  high tension cables and from the source to the destination.



Low Tension & High tension Electrical Cable Installation

We handle all aspects of Project Planning & Personnel Management. Our service and expertise in this section includes Electric Cable Laying using methods like open trenching and Horizontal Directional

Drilling within and outside the city. Once the cable is laid in the ground and covered up with soil, another final inspection is done by the engineers to provide maximum client safety and satisfaction at the same time.

After the successful laying of the cable our role is then pivotal and ends only after the laid cable are live for use. This entire process of laying and making the wire live for use involves huge risk and our operations team executes the said job under the required safety precautions to minimize accidents at site.

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