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Why Us


Promoting & adopting Health & Safety standards at all levels

The kind of services that we provide under the brand of Rudra Gas Enterprise involves high risk of execution throughout the project phase. We as an organization and as experts of the industry are able to take an edge over the competition by adapting and promoting standardized and approved HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) practices as a part of our working habits and organization’s culture.


Professional approach toward work that assures consistent quality output

Quality output sets the benchmark of any organization or service. Industries like City Gas Distribution, Telecom; Power Distribution requires highly technical manpower & engineering resources accounts to a huge risk involved in its execution, implementation and usage. Such kind of work demands constant seamless perfection to create its market credibility to stay at par with the client’s satisfaction and also to build the required asset base for future projects. Needless to say that our professional approach and consistent quality performance has constantly added to our existing list of customers ever since its formalization and still adding more.


Time delivery of project “Meeting deadline is not enough, beating deadline is our commitment.”

At RGE we strongly condemn the use of phrase “Meeting Deadline”. Our constant Endeavour right from its initial days has been to focus on “Beating deadlines”. By following this commitment to ourselves that we inject into our culture of working, we are hell bent on raising our own bars of performance. We commit ourselves to provide perfection on time to our clients to keep a strong hold of our client base and adding more to the list.


Adequate resource, competent manpower & state of art engineering technology

As already mentioned under several citations and different examples, this is a highly specialized job that demands constant deployment of skilled and competent manpower and state of the art engineering equipment. The successful running of the business also depends on the availability of adequate resources both in terms of financial and equipment asset base. We have always taken pride to announce our strength and ability to cater to different size of projects. This also makes us one of the most sought after contractor for executing high value projects.


Compliance with statutory requirements

The nature of business operations under the brand of Rudra Gas Enterprise involves constant compliance of several statutory requirements. Being 100% complacent with the statutory needs at all levels has been our greatest strength in the different services that we provide. The success of the business depend manifolds on the skills of acquiring and clearance of documentations at the right time. Our ability to plan ahead makes us a strong industry name.

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