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Above Ground Installation

Aerial Cabling

Aerial cabling is done where underground cabling is not possible; like, across large rivers, in between mountains, bridges, flyovers etc.

While installing Optical fiber cable at sites, we particularly take care of every technical detail like as per the required specifications of the job. Few major precautions that are taken into account are to check that the maximum cable length is not exceeded; bending radius is not exceeded; to check for the optimum tensile load; to check if the right pulling techniques are used and that the cables used are not squeezed or bent etc.

Tower Erections

The towers that are visibly seen high above the ground mounted several meters high above the ground form a very important part of the telecommunication network connectivity. The erection and installation of such towers involves the requirement of huge manpower, technical knowledge and negotiation and liaison skills at different levels of the job to be executed.

The process of installation involves, several layers of operations like, survey of site which includes clearance of height, the requirement of the base space, feasibility of placement of the tower etc., deployment of machinery (including transportation), manpower for the installation and negotiations with the government & regulatory authorities for the required permissions and the local residents. Needless to say that our years of expertise make a pro of the industry by following all specifications, procedures and safety standards minimizing the risk of accidents and errors at every stage.

GI / CU pipeline installation

Installation of Industrial GI / MS pipes is an important process that needs to be implemented for successful completion of the work of transportation of domestic, industrial or commercial natural gas. Rudra Gas Enterprise through its technical knowledge, skills and manpower is completely reliable in executing such pipeline works. We are capable to assist the client with the required pipeline installation work.We are renowned for our commitment and practice of safety and health programs that follow safe practices and reduce the occurrence of unsafe working conditions. We are at par with and state compliance regulations and we have been recognized by our industrial clients as having an industry-leading safety process incorporating all of the major elements recognized as industry “Best Practices. We confidently say that our clients benefit from our general, industry specific, and / or site specific safety standards.

Civil work

For all processes of installation made above the ground there is considerable amount of civil work required to ensure the completion of the execution. This is a supporting activity and plays a very important role in successful completion of contracts. We carry out all types of civil works associated with different installations be it related to pipeline construction or mobile tower erection.

The range of our civil works extends from thrust blocks, pipe supports, access roads, security fencing telemetry kiosk placement and reinforced concrete bases/protection slabs. We deploy dedicated team to complete the related civil works at site.

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